Advisory Consultant Services

For Digital Evidence or “Computer Forensic” Labs

Since the National Science Foundation published an article in 2009 about the lack of quality found in many of the nation’s various evidentiary labs, lab results of every kind have been subject to greater scrutiny in the courts. Labs scrambled to build protocol to govern their analysts’ qualifications and behaviors, but they soon realized that it was no easy task.
The drafting of lab protocol requires in-depth knowledge about the subject lab and its supervisory office, considerable familiarity with the type(s) of evidence being processed by that lab, and a good sense of what components are necessary (and not necessary) for a protocol governing that type of lab. Dana Babbin brings all of that expertise to the table, and more. Because Dana was educated as a lawyer and then was trained as a cybercrime prosecutor, she can craft a well-organized protocol that is comprehensible, sustainable, and manageable. Inquiries may be sent to

For Non-Profits & Companies

Even if you don’t have a digital evidence lab, you may have employees who are analyzing digital data and producing results that could become evidence in a criminal prosecution some day. For example, is your IT director or company software monitoring employees’ emails and/or online behavior? If yes, then you might be processing digital data that could be used in court some day, and your methods of processing that data might be scrutinized. By implementing a protocol that is uniquely-tailored to fit your needs, your methods of data processing will become more reliable, and, hence, so will your digital evidence.

For Lawyers & Law Firms

Are you working on a case involving digital evidence? Do you want someone to review the legality of the means by which police seized digital evidence in your case? Do you need help reviewing the digital evidence as a whole? Let us know what you’re looking for. Contact

For Parents

Was your kid caught in the glue? Does your teenage daughter excessively text her friends (and maybe even her enemies)? Is your son’s school alleging that your son posted an online message threatening to hurt one of his teachers? Are the cops already involved? Dana Babbin can give you some advice on steps to take to mitigate the negative impact on all parties involved and can help you prepare for what might come next.