General Information

Fees & Rates


Each presentation is unique. Most clients ask to customize the presentation in some way. Please contact in order to request a quote. Please include the name of your organization, the type of service or product you provide, the type of service or presentation desired, the type of audience anticipated (e.g., positions, titles, etc.), the preferred length of the presentation, the number of people to be trained, the best contact person (and title) at your organization for deciding the scope of the desired presentation and the needs of your organization/audience, and, finally, a phone number where that person can be reached.

Legal Consultations

Unless otherwise noted, our fee is $150/hour for legal consultation.

Discounts and Pro Bono Services

Write to us at to request a discount or pro bono service. Include specific reasons justifying your request.

Length of Presentations

The length of each presentation is established beforehand with the client and assumes that the speaker will answer 10 questions per hour. If the audience poses less than 10 questions per hour, the presentation might be shortened, but never by more than 15 minutes, and often still will be the expected length.

Copying, Forwarding, or Sharing Our Materials

We worked hard to produce our presentations and materials. So please don’t violate copyright law. Instead, write to us at, and we’ll discuss a reasonable rate for you to copy our materials. Sans any such permission from us, the copying or forwarding of our materials (to those who did not attend our respective presentation or consultation) is not permitted. This means that you are not licensed to copy, forward, or electronically share any materials obtained via this website, through a consultation with our staff, or through materials received and/or video- or audio-captured during one of our presentations.

Referring to Cadence Consulting in Marketing Materials

References to Cadence Consulting or its agents in conjunction with marketing materials (e.g., press releases, advertisements, collateral, white papers, etcetera) must be reviewed and approved by Cadence Consulting. Submit your requests to