Because Ms. Babbin is a lawyer and so much of her work has been geared for those serving in public positions, Massachusetts General Laws §268A greatly restricts our ability to list the names, titles, or offices associated with these testimonials.

What people have said about Dana:

“[Dana is] reliable and diligent . . . a compassionate and trustworthy person who possesses exceptional lawyering skills.

“Dana defined what it meant to be prepared . . . . Her compassion and commitment were so obvious.

I found [Dana’s] work uniformly excellent . . . . her work [was] exemplary.

[Dana] is a very diligent professional who cares about the quality of her work.

I commend [Dana] . . . [for her] hard work.

I just want to say thanks [to Dana] for the extra mile [she] go[es].

[Dana’s] ability to share this time with students will make wonderful strides in the fight against those who exploit children. [Dana’s] dedication to training these lawyers to help children is so appreciated.

We believe [Dana] is the most qualified instructor for the topics addressed in [a course about prosecuting online crimes against children]. She is highly recommended by [a certain federal agency whose name has been redacted in order to comply with MGL 268A] as an expert [on these topics].

It’s a thankless job that [Dana] do[es], and I just wanted to acknowledge all of the hard work [she] do[es].

[Our] conference went better than . . . hoped, and that was largely because of the caliber of our faculty[, including Dana Babbin.]

Thank you[, Dana] for taking the time to talk to me. You’re obviously doing great and important work.

Based on the glowing evaluations . . . [Dana’s] participation truly made a difference in the lives of prosecutors and the children whom they serve . . . . Thank you[,Dana] for taking the time to share your expertise with your colleagues around the country. The knowledge the students learned . . . has equipped them with the tools necessary to successfully investigate and prosecute computer crimes against children. [Dana’s] participation in this course has made the world a safer place for children, and for that we cannot thank you enough.

Thank[ ] you[, Dana] for your gracious and informative appearance at our computer group.

“[Dana] was involved in the design of our [trainings] and her input has been invaluable.

“[Dana’s] thoughtful insights and guidance could not be more appreciated as we now turn to developing [our own training materials].