Because Ms. Babbin is a lawyer and so much of her work has been geared for those serving in public positions, Massachusetts General Laws §268A greatly restricts our ability to list the names, titles, or offices associated with these testimonials.

What people have said about Dana:

The evaluations clearly indicate that not only did [Dana] provide an invaluable service through [her] professionalism and passion in presenting . . ., but that [her] work in combating computer facilitated crimes against children is immeasurable.

“[Dana’s] passion and talent encourages and enables those professionals working to bring justice to our nation’s children to do an even better job, and to remember that we are dealing with crimes against children and not just computer crimes.

To say that the children whose lives [Dana] protect[s] are lucky is somewhat sad [to say, as] safety should be an absolute child right[; ] those kids deserve folks like [Dana.]

“[Dana is] animated! [After her presentation, my boss commented that she] ‘commanded a real presence.’

Our librarian participants great appreciated learning more about how they can safeguard children’s Internet use and were inspired by [Dana’s] excellent presentation skills and thorough knowledge of [the] topic. [Dana] was a very big hit with our librarians.

The work [Dana did educating Probation and Parole] is amazing. We have spent a great deal of energy educating police and prosecutors about computer crime but without effective probation and parole, we were fighting an impossible battle. [Dana’s] work gives me hope.

“[Dana] has established herself as an expert as well as a national resource for investigators and prosecutors in the field of computer facilitated crimes against children.

Everyone in attendance was very impressed and appreciative of [Dana’s] efforts.

[W]hat a fine contribution Dana has made to [our federally-sponsored project that brings together prosecutors] with social scientists and clinicians to address the issues from investigative, technology, victim and offender perspectives.